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Natural Sciences Division
Spring Office Hours

7:45am-4:30pm Monday - Friday

Questions can be directed to the division office at:
(310) 660-3343

The Division of Natural Sciences offers instruction in the biological and physical sciences for science and non-science majors. The Division is comprised of six areas: Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Horticulture, Life Sciences and Physics. Earth Sciences courses are offered in geography, geology, meteorology and oceanography. Life Sciences courses are offered in anatomy, biology, field studies, microbiology and physiology. The Division provides a comprehensive lower division curriculum for science majors preparing to transfer to 4-year universities. We also provide general education courses that are designed to allow students to understand and apply the scientific method, and to understand basic underlying principles of nature and the relevance to their lives.

The Division also maintains a planetarium and observatory with several telescopes for its instructional program in astronomy and for public outreach. With the Chronos star projector, the faculty is able to display a realistic sky of the past, present and future from different locations in the solar system. There are monthly open houses at the observatory and when possible, planetarium shows are provided for schools and the public.


Lab Technicians:

Changwoo Cha, Earth Sciences/Chemistry
Flor DeLos Santos, Chemistry
Cynthia Hoover, Anatomy/Biology/Physiology
Christie Killduff, Biology/Microbiology
Perfecto Micu, Anatomy/Chemistry
Linda Ohara, Anatomy/Biology/Horticulture
Ann Pham, Chemistry
Donald Santoianni, Physics
Daniel Wright, Physics
David Wright, Special Projects

Contact Information:

Jean Shankweiler, Dean

Mariam Santiago, Administrative Assistant

Priscilla Baldwin, Clerical Assistant

The Division Office is located in LS-101.
Phone: (310) 660-3343

 Last Published 1/6/14