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The Division of Mathematical Sciences offers instruction to students in mathematics, computer science and engineering. Mathematics courses include basic skills and general education, courses for future teachers, and courses for students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The computer science program includes a variety of computer language courses and preparation for students transferring to four-year computer science programs. In engineering two courses are offered.

The division is dedicated to promoting student success at all levels. For information about the El Camino College Mathematics Placement Test, go to Math Placement Test.  The Mathematics Study Center (MBA 119) provides one-to-one tutoring on a drop-in basis. Many mathematics courses provide students the opportunity to use computational and homework technology, such as graphing calculators, Mathematica, WebAssign, and MyMathLab.

Course Information:

For an overview of all mathematics course offerings at El Camino College, see the diagrams of math course sequences:

Pre-transfer level courses (numbers less than 100)

Transfer level courses (numbers greater than 100)

Some students may have multiple possible paths in Mathematics.  For  information, see below.

New Accelerated  Courses:    


Math 37 (Formerly50D) - Basic Accelerated Mathematics designed to prepare students for Intermediate Algebra.
Math 67 (Formerly 50C) - General Education Algebra designed for students who are eligible for Elementary Algebra to prepare for Statistics and other non-STEM transfer level courses.  For more details see New Accelerated Mathematics Courses or come to the Division Office.

Intermediate Algebra:  

There are two other intermediate algebra options, Math 73 - Intermediate Algebra for General Education, in addition to Math 80 - Intermediate algebra for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (formerly Math 70).  For details see Math 73 vs. Math 80 Comparison.

Transfer Requirement:

Also, for students who are trying to complete their transfer math requirements, there are several options.  Among them are Math 120 - The Nature of Mathematics, and Math 130 - College Algebra.  For details see Math 120 vs. Math 130 Comparison.

Division Contacts and Hours:  See Division Information

 Fall, 2013, Division office hours, MBA130 (effective November 12, 2013):

Monday - Friday:   7:45 am - 4:30 pm
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