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START Program


START Program 2016

This START Program has made me more determined to complete a STEM degree. It has given me the opportunity to explore the idea of robotics being combined with technology this is being develop each day.

This course goes above and beyond other STEM courses I’ve seen. It offers field trips to unique places that you won’t have the chance to go to, you get to have hands-on experience building a robot and multiple lessons on science.

Being in this program has made me more determined because seeing the labs in UCLA and Northrop Grumman has had a profound effect on my enthusiasm to do more with electronics and looking forward to college too.

I would absolutely recommend this program. I got to learn a ton of information about the STEM field and learned valuable lessons. I want others to have the fun and learning experience I had.

I would recommend it to a friend if they are interested in robotics or an engineering career. It gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge on engineering related topics.

This program helps you see the various opportunities in the STEM field and what it has to offer to students that are willing to take this pathway.

This class opened my eyes to the field of engineering and made me want to pursue a career in it. This class gives an abundance of knowledge, information in such a short amount of time.

I recommend this program because it is diversified in the projects which help gain experience in different things. I would also recommend so that they do something fun during the summer that will eventually help them.

I would recommend this program to my friends because I know it would help them expand their knowledge about STEM careers. It would help them as much as it did to me. I know that this START Program would make them understand robotics.

After participating in this program, I feel inspired to learn about more educational tracks that I haven’t considered and to proceed with a STEM degree because it is fun. I want to be able to create new things for the world and help make a difference.

Participation in the program has encouraged me to be a professional engineer that can major in material, mechanical, and computer programming.

By participating in the program, I’ve thought about being a mechanical engineer. When we went to see Northrop Grumman, my eyes were opened to the cutting edge technology and how much you can do with a team.


START Program 2015

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering a STEM career. The START Program exposes you to different STEM careers and is very inspirational in everything, varying from the science demonstrations to the field trips that the instructor puts much effort in making sure we have a fund learning experience.

I would absolutely recommend this program to a friend especially if they are unsure of their interests. The broad range of material and hands on learning was very helpful to me.

The START Program has given me a better understanding of what STEM careers consist of. After Dean Dhir from UCLA stated that engineers create what is not there, I feel that I want to contribute to the world’s development and improvement through innovation.

This program has taught me about the different paths I could take. Although I don’t know which path I’ll take yet, it was beneficial to be exposed to different types of STEM degrees we could achieve.

This program provides students with knowledge of many different aspects of concepts and opportunities in the STEM field. The program gives a good introduction to STEM and lets students discover if a degree and career in the STEM field is something that they want to pursue.

This program is a great way to expand your knowledge of a STEM career in a fun, learning environment. The hands on experience of building a robot & using it in competition is also really great.

I would recommend the START Program to some of my friends who love technical hands on projects and figuring out how things work. The START Program provides a greater understanding of many of the STEM related degrees/jobs. We get to work hands-on, as opposed to jest watching videos & listening to lectures.


START Program 2014

I would definitely recommend the program to a friend because it gives not only valuable information on technical careers but also allows you to see first-hand the people with those degrees and ask them questions (CSULA/Northrop Grumman).

It’s fun, educational, and has an engaging instructor and encouraging class atmosphere. They’ll find more hands-on here than anywhere else. 

I would definitely recommend this program, and I already told my sister to apply next year! You are exposed to STEM in a way that you never would be at school. 

It is fun and educational. Also it helps get a great lead start in engineering and technology careers. 

I think it’s a great introduction program into the STEM field. 

This program provides a great insight as to what engineers do. 

I would recommend it to my friends because this is a great start for them in the STEM field. 

I would recommend this program because it’s a great program to see the importance and amazing things you can see in a STEM career.


START Program 2013

My participation in the program has helped me realize what I want to be. I am more focused on pursuing my future career because of things I learned and experienced. 

Working with the robots & seeing all the different applications of STEM in use today makes me want to continue on this track to make more improvements in the future.

This program & especially the field trip to Northrop got me interested in aeronautical or aerospace engineering. Exploring space & building satellites seems fascinating.  

I’m more determined to complete a mechanical engineering degree because I learned more on what they do in their line of work & it looked a lot more fun and challenging.

My participation in the program broadened my knowledge of different engineering careers offered and has only strengthened my desire to attain an EE degree.

I feel that this class was a good experience and also helped motivate me to stick it through till the end. I am now more determined to get a technical degree than ever because with all this competition around me for jobs it’s best to get an education first.


START Program 2012

My participation in the program has inspired me by informing me of some of the uses of engineers and STEM careers. The program showed me the bigger picture and has proved the magnitude of the impact that STEM careers have in our everyday lives.

It made me more determined to complete a technical degree because my participation and the things I did really interested me and made me want to go for engineering.

It was fun building the three projects we had and that made me want to continue on the path to engineering. It has given motivation to continue pursuing my career goals.

The START program made me want to pursue an aerospace engineering degree more than I had before because of the videos and trip to JPL.

I found the machining & manufacturing trade a whole lot more interesting especially at Northrop Grumman and this class helped me want to take classes here at ECC.

It has made me more determined definitely. I am aware of the hard work it’s going to take but I also know it’s what I want to do and that it will be worth it.



Last Published 3/9/17